Ar Akshatha


Kishan KC

Interior Designer

Ar Akshatha & Kishan KC. Owned and run by a couple 💑.

Akshatha is an excellent Architect and Kishan a passionate interior designer who has embarked on a journey to build beautiful nests across India.

At its most basic, architecture is every moment and our daily routine in attaining the comfort level. A holistic approach to planning, designing and constructing is what sets us apart from the crowd. 

At ahead designs, we approach every project by going in-depth into the context to achieve a unified, unambiguous and widely understood terminology. The virtual components[CLIENTS’ DREAMS] are made real by meeting the client’s needs & achieving satisfaction bought with happiness.

The designs are sought in a way that brings uniqueness to every space along with the essence of harmony that matches contemporary interior trends. The minimalist designs are approached to maximize the quality of the designs.

Our collaboration with our valued clients is further enriched with the overall project cycle scope objectives & deliverables agreed upon. 

Our way of every project with a new notion,  enhancing the beauty of the environment and socio-economic concerns are faithfully brought in the involvement and effort made.